In case you haven’t heard yet, we have an exciting new offer to celebrate the New Year which we plan to run into the spring. If you’re planning a party in the early part of 2017 and you’re looking for cheap marquee hire that you can rely on, this may be ideal for you.

For a limited time only, we’ve put together a special package which is ideal for a small to medium sized party with around 40 to 50 guests. Not only does this package include one of our fantastic quality marquees which is large enough to keep your entire event safe and dry whatever the weather, all the essential extras are also included in the price. The best part is that everything comes in at just £500!

The full details of what’s included in this special party package are as follows:

  • 6m x 9m marquee, complete with windows
  • Entrance doors to let the guests in and keep the weather out
  • Full interior setup including lining, lighting and more
  • Full floor complete with carpet and a dance floor
  • Heater included to keep your entire marquee warm
  • Furniture of your choice – choose either tables and chairs or cocktail tables with bar stools
  • Delivery available within 50 miles

This comprehensive package covers absolutely everything you need to host an amazing event and keep dozens of guests entertained. This option is perfect for weddings, corporate events, exhibitions and anything else you’re planning.

Marquee hire is a popular solution if you want to host your event outdoors but can’t rely on the British weather. At this time of year, you’re unlikely to find anyone hosting an open air party even when it’s not raining or snowing due to the cold temperatures outside, but a fully heated marquee takes care of that problem for you.

This special price of only £500 is a real bargain, even by our standards as one of the most competitively priced marquee hire specialists in the Midlands. Please note that although we plan to run this offer until March, it is subject to availability. We will only be able to take a limited number of bookings for this package, so please contact us as soon as possible if you’d like to arrange your event now!