A marquee provides you with a truly customisable venue, creating an open space that you can fit out with everything you need for your event. The layout of your marquee can make or break the success of your day because it hugely affects the way guests will behave. Achieving the ideal layout will require considerable thought into how you want your guests to interact and what type of event you are having, but it’s worth looking into as part of your planning.

So, what’s the best way to use all that space?


A marquee can be divided into different areas to accommodate different aspects of your day. A dividing curtain can be used to create separate zones in the marquee, or to reduce the size for one part and then increase it for another. If you want a softer divide, changing the flooring or furniture layout in a certain area can also differentiate it.

For some events you may wish to use a smaller marquee, added to the side of the main one in order to provide a segregated area, such as a bar or reception space. A particularly popular addition is a photo booth and since these can cause queues, keeping it separate to the main venue is a good idea.

Clear roofs can be perfect for creating a different feel to parts of the marquee. Alternatively, net lights can be used across the ceiling to create the effect of a starry sky, perfect for an evening reception or party.

Table Layouts

Tables can be arranged in trestle style for banquet style dining, or you could choose traditional round tables with 8 to 10 seats, perhaps with a long top table for a wedding. If your event is more a standing cocktail affair, you can opt for tall tables to allow your guests to mingle. We offer chair and table hire, so talk to us about your needs.

Party Time

For parties, you’ll need to decide if you want a DJ or a band, or if you want to do your own music with a music player and speakers. A stage is a good idea for a band, as it makes them more visible, and a dance floor is essential. We have different options for the dance floor, from a classic paraquet to a standout checkerboard effect.

Quiet Area

You might want to put aside an area with comfy sofas and coffee tables where your guests can sit quietly away from the band and the general hubbub. A general rule of thumb is the longer the event, and the more distinct activities within it, the more areas that you will need. Just remember, if you have a smaller amount of guests it’s better to limit the different areas or you could risk people branching off. If you have more guests, provide them with different areas to accommodate their different needs throughout the event.

For more information and advice on how to set out a marquee for your event, contact our helpful team today. We cover Staffordshire, Birmingham, Lichfield, Wolverhampton, Tamworth, Warwickshire, Coventry, Nottingham, Derbyshire, and surrounding areas in the West and East Midlands.