For a successful corporate event, your venue has to balance several different features and incorporate distinct areas. This can be a challenge for some venues, and is where marquees come into their own as fully flexible and adaptable. Marquee Leisure brings decades of experience to all our events and know how to specialise your marquee to suit each aspect of your event.


Networking is a common part of most corporate events and is in fact the aim of many of them. A networking area might seem as simple as letting your guests mingle and offering them refreshment, but this is a huge oversight as those familiar with networking will attest. The wrong space makes it difficult for guests to relax, creates bottlenecks that hinder free movement, and in some cases makes it difficult for guests to hear each other – the last thing you want at a networking event. With marquee hire, you have complete control over the size of the marquee and the layout of the area.


If you’re planning a day-long corporate event, your guests will need somewhere to relax and have lunch. You will likely have structured the day to include breaks and for the most effectiveness, you would want to get away from the main space to let your attendees freshen up. Furniture is key to this, as relaxed seating will let your guests unwind and we can offer consultation and hire of appropriate furniture for all areas of your event.

The Big Presentation

Most corporate events will feature a presentation of some kind. As well as different coloured linings that can decorate the marquee in your corporate colours, we also can provide blackout lining to make your presentation more visible. Audio visual can be professionally and safely incorporated into the marquee itself so that wires are hidden as much as possible, screens are clearly visible and speakers are positioned appropriately.

At Marquee Leisure we are also happy to provide advice and full access to our contacts for any additional services you might need, such as floristry or catering. Our experienced team have put up marquees over swimming pools and even been trusted for royal appearances so you can rest assured that we can give you all the support you need to ensure your corporate event goes off without a hitch.

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