It may not be an essential aspect on your list, especially when you are thinking about issues such as your attendee list, seating and catering.
But mood lighting certainly should be for your next marquee hire!

In our point of view, we genuinely believe that lighting is an important factor to the success of an event – whether it is a wedding or a corporate event, your lighting plan will create a bespoke ambience.

Setting the right mood for your event is crucial for the success of your event. Need bespoke lighting? Want to create a striking background effect or impressive light for dramatic development? With your marquee, you will be able to do just that with your mood lighting!
We discuss how mood lighting can make an impact on your event within your exhibition marquees set up and advise on how you can use these different forms of lighting to your advantage.

How to use mood lighting in your marquee

It is vital to make sure your focus points are being highlighted. If you are organising a corporate event, for instance, the spotlight needs to be on the speaker more than your audience.

The benefits of using mood lighting

Focus points:

Mood lighting allows you to place the core focus on what you want your audience to concentrate on. From a speaker to a dancefloor, mood lighting will be able to enhance your core event goal.


By channelling deep and illuminating colours of light, you will be able to create a variety of environments.
By using soft tones of colour like a light shade of pink or white, you will be able to create a relaxed and collected environment. Playing around with blue and purple lights will create more of a dramatic event, and playful colours such as red and orange will create a vibrant impact and catch your audiences attention quickly.


This alluring light setting can create a bespoke professional environment for your event, making your event modernised and interesting for your guests.

Can mood lighting be linked with our colour scheme?

Absolutely! Here at Marquee Leisure with our marquees for hire, we provide a full event service that colour co-ordinates your bespoke style or branding, guaranteed to make a real impression on your guests or attendees.
With a wide choice of interiors and furnishings, your mood lighting will heighten the elegance and professionalism that you are promoting in your marquee.
Tip: If you are using recording equipment at your event, make sure you speak to your lighting specialists who will be able to change the brightness and make sure that your video documentation has no dark spots when you are watching it on a later date.

Choosing a service you can trust

Good lighting is key for a successful event – but if a proper lighting plan isn’t in place, then it may not go how you might think! Transform your upcoming event with mood lighting today and discover the benefits they can provide your marquee event today.
To make sure your mood lighting goes according to plan, contact our team of specialists today who have 75 years of combined experience and set the mood right with your next event.