Like anything else in the world, weddings are subject to trends and fashions.

Living plants

Here are some of the hot picks for 2020 weddings, any of which can easily be incorporated into your wedding marquee decor.

Sustainable weddings

Showing a concern for the environment doesn’t mean you can’t have the wedding you always dreamed of. You can use locally sourced flowers, decorate the marquee with living plants (that will then be repurposed and replanted) and insist on no plastic for the decorations and other adornments. All this ensures that your big day needn’t involve a big carbon footprint.

Long banquet tables

Long tables

Many wedding venues have circle tables, separating your guests into groups of a dozen or so. Why not shake things up a little by using long banquet tables and sitting everybody together? It means that nobody is left out, and your wedding brings both sides of your extended families together as one.

Hanging floral displays and decorations

Thanks to its supporting framework, your marquee is well-placed to hang floral displays and decorations along its length.

This is something you can rarely guarantee with a more traditional venue, having neither the room nor the apparatus to hang them.

Self-service bars

Self service bars

For many, the modern wedding is a far less formal affair than once it was. The stifling restrictions of tradition are not for them – they want their wedding to be what it should be: a celebration. Having a self-service bar area in your marquee is the ideal way for your guests to help themselves and let their hair down.

Sensory elements

String bulbs

As a bride or groom, you are always going to remember your wedding day, but you want to make sure your guests have the same fond memories. Studies have shown that the strongest memories imprint themselves by way of several sensory keynotes. In other words, we’re not just talking about the way you wedding looks, but the way it feels, sounds, and smells. Consider textured fabrics, highly-scented floral displays, subtle lighting effects, and delicate, harmonious background music.

Any of these trends – and more – can be easily incorporated into your wedding marquee. To discuss your specific requirements, give Marquee Leisure a call today on 0121 323 2212. Find out what we can do for you, and receive your free, no-obligation quote.