Mood lighting for your event

It may not be an essential aspect on your list, especially when you are thinking about issues such as your attendee list, seating and catering. But mood lighting certainly should be for your next marquee hire! In our point of view, we genuinely believe that lighting is an important factor to the success of an [...]

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Why a Marquee is Perfect For Your Next Corporate Event

For a successful corporate event, your venue has to balance several different features and incorporate distinct areas. This can be a challenge for some venues, and is where marquees come into their own as fully flexible and adaptable. Marquee Leisure brings decades of experience to all our events and know how to specialise your marquee [...]

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Creating The Ideal Marquee Layout for Any Event

A marquee provides you with a truly customisable venue, creating an open space that you can fit out with everything you need for your event. The layout of your marquee can make or break the success of your day because it hugely affects the way guests will behave. Achieving the ideal layout will require considerable [...]

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