Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How much?

A: The most popular question. We don’t have a published price list as no two clients and events are identical. However a telephone or e-mail enquiry can easily be estimated with guide prices. You should always remember the most expensive isn’t always the best – as many marquee contractors are having to pay bank loans – Marquees aren’t cheap items to buy. Equally the cheapest isn’t always rubbish, but its worth bearing in mind – ‘you only get what you pay for’.

Q: Is It Clean?

A: All of our equipment cleaned is on a regular ‘cleaning & maintenance schedule’.

Q: How Big?

A: The size is very dependent on the space available, and the activity taking place. Our wide range of marquee sizes can cover most restricted areas. 20 years in the hire business will enable us to accurately estimate a suitable size. In addition we provide a ‘cad’ imaging service that will allow clients to see a plan of the layout and a prospective 3D pictorial image.

Cad-cam service is available so that see exactly how your layout will look prior to the event

CapacityMarquee Size Required
6020ft x 60ft
12030ft x 70ft
15030ft x 90ft
20040ft x 70ft
25040ft x 90ft
30040ft x 120ft
Q: Site for the marquee isn’t level, what can be done?

A: Over the years we have sited marquees over raised patios, split level gardens, swimming pools, garden ponds, sloping lawns, and uneven ground. Floors and platforms can easily be constructed, and the marquees can cover steps and changes in levels.

Two marquees linked down steps with a walkway.


Uneven ground levelled with boarded floor.


Platform covering two tier patio, a pond, and landscaped garden.

Q: Will it be cold?

A: We own a wide range of indirect Marquee heaters, these are all thermostatically controlled. Having a range of heaters enables us to supply the necessary size to heat the marquee, as heating the marquee not only depends upon the size, but more importantly the ambient temperature on the day of the event.

Q: Will I get the marquee that I see in the brochure & on the website?

A: All of the photos that you see are of our Marquees, not from other brochures, not library photos, not of other contractors, and not suppliers literature.