Why We Are Different

What makes us stand out?

Unlike many of our competitors we have been in business for over twenty years, and have in excess of 75 years of accumulated experience, therefore we do know what we’re doing, unlike many contractors who have only been in business for a few years only able to sell themselves on limited new equipment.

Our in house manufacturing facility ensures that all of our equipment is in prime quality, our on-going replacement schedule gives an average PVC Panel renewal of approximately 30 months.

Every client has an on-site consultation to discuss requirements, needs, possibilities, and advice.

Marquee Leisure doesn’t claim to be the cheapest, equally we’re not the most expensive, we do however excel with value for money, a high quality product and service at an affordable price.


We care for the Environment

We are all effected by the varying issues surrounding our environment, and at marquee Leisure we try to do our share.

By hiring a marquee, this in it’s self is recycling, as many of us have seen over recent summers -‘The Flying Gazebo’ . Initially an economical purchase from a local garden centres etc, but the first gust of wind and it’s gone! Made from inferior materials the public are totally mislead to the performance of these products, and as a consequence their short life ends at ‘land fill’.

Our own marquees have a long life, the frames don’t deteriorate and when components do become damaged we recycle the frame work through metal salvage. When the PVC panels reach the end of the acceptable life as a marquee panel, they are re-manufactured to other PVC Products, e.g.. Bags to transport new panels.

The Marquee carpet that we supply is of a polypropylene origin, we only use a non foam backed carpet as it can be returned to the manufacturer after use to be recycled back to new carpet.

All of the timber used in our furniture and dance floors etc, wherever possible is sourced from suppliers who use sustainable timber sources.

Even though heating a marquee requires fuel oil, when ever possible we use a bio-fuel when it’s available.


Extra Advice & Help

Many clients are looking for advice and help, some seek this through the services of event organisers – to their cost. This service is available ‘free of charge’ from Marquee Leisure. Over the last 25 years we have accumulated a wealth of contacts and experience of event organising which we are happy to share with all of our clients, whether you’re needing caterers, entertainment, or just advice on how to plan your event. This all free of charge!


Bespoke Design and Setup

Our in house manufacturing facility also enables us to ‘Brand’ marquees as we can manufacture the PVC panels in any colour, additionally we have a computerised vinyl graphics cutting facility for logos and branding. We are also able to manufacture bespoke marquee frames which is especially useful for long term hires where clients need special links to building etc.


What you see is what you get.

All our presentations – brochures, web-site, flyers, and portfolios, contains information and photos of our marquees. We do not use any library photos, manufacturers literature, or other contractors Pictures. ALL the pictures that you see are recent photos of events of our Marquees.